Bordeaux Park is the largest park of Bordeaux . It is located in the district of Caudéran . Much more recent than the public garden , the Bordeaux park inaugurated in 1888 by the President of the Republic Sadi Carnot , responded to this ideal of democracy where “you have to give a campaign to those who do not” taking as model great Parisian parks in the second half of the nineteenth century . It is the work of landscape painter Eugène Bühler .


The Zoo of Bordeaux-Pessac has a total of 250 animals and has over 100,000 visitors a year. You’ll find everything in this zoo from crowned cranes, flamingos, ostriches, wallabies, yellow mongooses, tapirs, capybaras,otters from Asia. You can also go to the “Savannah”; into the heart of Africa and you’ll see giraffes, zebras, antelopes, ostriches, pelicans, and African birds.


The Botanical Garden of Bordeaux (0.5 hectares) is a municipal botanical garden located at Place Bardineau, Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France; it is open daily without charge. This historic garden has been recently supplemented by the Jardin botanique de la Bastide, located across the river. Although the garden’s origins extend back to 1629 AD, with the creation of Bordeaux’s first medicinal garden, today’s botanical garden dates to 1858. It currently contains more than 3000 plant species, both those indigenous to Aquitaine and exotic plants from North America, China and Japan. It is organized as a systematic collection.